Workspace Optimisation with iotspot

Harnessing the power of data to optimize workspace utilization. A combination of a reservation system and hardware to measure the actual usage of the desks or meeting rooms allows office buildings to host more flexible workers per square meter. Primarily large corporations, governments, universities and coworking spaces benefit from this service.

iotspot Hub

iotspot Smart Workspace Platform

As companies grow and continue to engage more flexible workforces, offices can become more efficient by having less available workspaces per person. This however increases the complexity of facility management, as companies will aim to minimize the time lost to looking for a desk or meeting room. The iotspot hardware and online software combination solve this challenge by using a range of cellular devices and sensors for reserving and monitoring workspaces.

IoT Hub

The core of this solution is an LTE-M based device with 2G fallback that is placed on a workspace such as a desk or meeting room table. It is powered by mains power, making it a perfect gateway for more low-power Bluetooth peripheral sensors. When a user reserves a desk in the iotspot app or via smartphone NFC, the device indicates that the spot is reserved using an LED-ring.

Power Distribution Unit

Since iotspot has partnered with Bachmann, a company supplying office equipment, the IoT Hub has been integrated into the Bachmann Power Distribution Unit. Besides extending power supply and providing USB chargers, these PDUs now can also serve to make the workspace smarter. With this type of partnership, iotspot can expand into new market segments.


  • Bluetooth
  • Desk Monitor
  • Room Monitor
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Pairing


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