Transport and logistics companies are not always aware of their trailer’s exact location. To help them keep full control, the tracking solution of the trailer manufacturer helps them to be informed 24/7/365 about the status of their trailer and its load. Trailer customers have constant access to the location, temperature and the technical status of their trailer. Designed to reflect the needs of customers, the solution not only saves time and money but improves the flow of information in their customer’s companies ensuring peace of mind.


The manufacturer, one of the largest in Europe, approached SODAQ to replace an existing solution which needed a lot of maintenance. They built the software platform and dashboard several years ago as a service to their customers. Part of the assignment to SODAQ was to deliver a solar powered (autonomous) and maintenance free tracking device. The device needed to operate well in freezing cold or searing hot environments across the globe for years and years without maintenance. In addition, the device uses bluetooth functionality to line up with the right loading docks.


The manufacturer assigned their own engineering team to closely work together with the SODAQ engineers. For a full year we developed the end solution which is deploying now on each new vehicle leaving one of the three plants. This adds up to thousands of devices each year.

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TRACK IP69 was designed for a specific trailer manufacturer and will not be available for other manufacturers in the same field. If you have another purpose for a solar powered outdoor high quality tracker, please let us reach out to you or contact us via the button on the bottom right.

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