In 2018, SODAQ started a collaboration with Civity, the Province of Utrecht, and the RIVM to measure air quality utilizing the popularity of biking. This project has been successfully implemented with around 700 devices actively measuring the air quality in the Netherlands. SODAQ designed and built the device, Civity shows the data on a smart city platform and the RIVM validates the data results.

The Project

The project is called Snifferbike. The device is a particulate matter sensor which can easily be attached to a bike’s handlebars. It’s goal is to document the validity of the rising environmental concern surrounding air pollution (WHO). The sniffer bike offers a crowd enabling role in collecting data about the air quality, enabling individuals and governments to be more aware of the environment. As an open-source project, we encourage everyone to participate and be involved so better insights can be gained to benefit all of us.

The backbone of the Snifferbike is the widely spread LTE-M network. The device measures the air quality every ten seconds and sends this data to Civity’s data platform every minute. The owner of the device can decide who can see the data and in what way. The data is presented on a publicly available dashboard, made by Civity. This public dashboard provides insights into air quality, bike routes and the environment.

Civity Collaboration

Civity and SODAQ were overwhelmed by the enormous impact the project made on many different levels. From radio channels to newspapers, provinces, city governments to universities, European projects, public unions and green initiatives, all responded with great enthusiasm. We have had so much positive feedback that SODAQ is developing a product version that can be obtained in the future at lower costs and more places, outside the Netherlands as well. At this moment we have Snifferbikes active in the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden. In the near future you will find the product version available on this page: SODAQ AIR.

What Does the Snifferbike Measure?

  • PM10 - coarse dust particles
  • PM2.5 - fine particles
  • PM1.0 - ultra-fine particles
  • GPS location
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Time
  • Voltage
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

Snifferbike Kick-off Video

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