Bluetooth Smart Shower Turbine

Water scarcity is a serious problem around the world. Simultaneously, with the advent of the Internet of Things people are becoming more interested in collecting data about their behaviour. Domotica is specifically the automation of the home, in which the shower is not yet a widely monitored system.

Smart Shower LED modes

Energy Harvesting

In the shower system a tube containing a turbine that can generate x watts of power, which is stored rapidly in a combination of a capacitor and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The device wakes up once there is sufficient energy generated by the turbine and at a set interval it begins to record the temperature and flow of the water going through it.


In the electronics the main component is the Nordic NRF52820 bluetooth and microcontroller module. Each device will be supplied with a private key, so that the first time the shower is turned on a smartphone can be paired via Bluetooth by using the key. After this the smartphone will always receive shower data when bluetooth is on and it is in range of the device. Using the extensive memory in the NRF module up to 100 showers can be stored without forwarding to the smartphone.


In this project, antenna performance has been a challenge due to the limitations of the mechanical design. The whole device is inside a metal tube and is made completely waterproof using a potting compound to cover the electronics, meaning that to get more than 10m of range the antenna must be optimised. For this purpose we have built a series of antenna PCBs for a comparative performance test.

In this case, under the hood the device is running on a Nordic NRF9160, which provides the processing power, GPS positioning and LTE-M communication within one SIP (system-in-package).

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