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Personal safety equipment for the elderly is currently on the market in many forms, such as a wireless alarm button that you can wear around your neck, on the wrist, or on your belt. Still, its use does not seem like a success. They are sold in pairs, but not often, let alone in volumes of tens of thousands. Meanwhile, the number of elderly people who want to independently live at home is growing substantially. Almost all current safety devices work based on an emergency button that activates a two-way audio connection, so that assistance can be offered. Often these products also have a GPS function so that the user can be found in case of an emergency.

Elderly Safety Device


With a subsidy from the government and in collaboration with Safety Tracer (Ivengi) and design agency GBO, we set to work to design a more successful personal safety device that is accepted by more elderly people. We started this journey with one goal: to create a device that does not need to be charged every day. We thought that a solar-powered device could be the deciding factor, but a watch or pendant is often covered by clothing. Hence, we have also tried to make a device that is more beautiful than the competition, so that the user would want to wear it in plain sight. Although these are interesting starting points and the aesthetic aspects of a product are of great importance, it appears based on conversations with the elderly, care providers, and the primary care environment that the looks of energy supply, based on the current functionality, are not the deciding factor for success. More is needed to address this market.


To successfully address the needs of this growing segment, we will be joining forces with Industrial Design students from TU Delft from September 2020 onwards. Together we aim to conceptualise and design a device that really improves the feeling of safety of both the elderly and their close circle of family, friends, and other caretakers. Perhaps this includes the implementation of more features than just the emergency button. We want to get rid of the feeling that a safety device is medical aid, necessary for older people, and instead create a device that clearly provides value to the lives of elderly.

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