Fully autonomous road sensing

The StreetSense road quality monitor counts traffic and measures temperature of the road surface and the deck below. It also predicts icing. The sensor can truly make a road smart and can replace costly counting solutions and expensive icing warning detectors. The sensor is filled with technology including a magnetometer, accelerometer, two temperature sensors, an electric conductivity sensor, an Internet of Things communication module and a powerbank for energy supply to support the device for over 3 years.

Understand Your Road

Streetsense supplies information to road builders, city planners, maintenance suppliers and policy makers in order to support decisions on road and traffic planning, proof of data and expectations, hazardous icing conditions, the need for salting the road, the level of road maintenance and it can support research into air and noise pollution.

In terms of cost, Streetsense crushes the existing solutions such as detection loops, radar counting, camera counting and icing prediction stations. Not only is the installation fairly easy and fast (max half hour), you do not have to close down a road. Streetsense come switch a one off purchase price and a quarterly data subscription and dashboard service.

StreetSense is in the final development stage before mass production. All tests have passed our levels of expectation. We aim to offer the Streetsense sensor starting in Q1, 2021. Streetsense is a partnership between SODAQ and Mobility Sensing Solutions. Pre-orders are available now. For more info, go to the product website:

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