3 Reasons Why You Should Use SODAQ Boards for Your IoT Development!

Here, we outline at least 3 reasons why SODAQ boards should definitely be used in your IoT development. We cover Universal Tracking, Form Factor, Onboard sensors and the cost breakdown!


The Future of IoT: 3 Examples to Show Why IoT Tracking is Fundamental

This time we wanted to show 3 examples why IoT tracking is so important. We cover the growth of IoT, 3 examples (truck, rails and e-bikes) and why it solves such a big problem!


Can IoT help the environment? 3 in-depth cases that show you how it is possible!

The article discusses the recently implement projects of SODAQ that help the environment. These projects include Cattle Tracking, Air Quality Monitoring, and Public Dustbin Level Monitoring.


SODAQ and monogoto collaboration enable global LTE-M connectivity with PSM and eDRX support for an Arduino- based developer board

After several months of field testing, SODAQ and monogoto successfully enabled LTE-M technology with eDRX and PSM features remotely controlled for the SARA SFF and AFF R412M/R410M developer boards.

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