Be prepared for upcoming multi-band NB-IoT deployments with SODAQ N3 - our latest development board simplifying migration to LTE Cat NB2

  • 3GPP Release 13 LTE Cat NB1, 3GPP Release 14 LTE Cat NB2
  • u-blox SARA-N310 multi-band module
  • Competitive Price
  • Data rate up to 125 kbit/s (DL), 140 kbit/s (UL)
  • Small form-factor (50 mm x 25.4mm)
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Extremely low power
  • Bands 3, 5, 8, 20, 28

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The Next Generation of NB-IoT Devices

Poised as one of the first development boards on the market supporting Cat NB2; SODAQ N3 combines the latest IoT technologies from SODAQ and uBlox; the SODAQ SFF and the uBlox N310. SODAQ N3 leverages the advantages of upcoming LTE Cat NB2 networks such as mobility enhancement, E-Cell ID, larger TB size, two HARQ processes, multi-carrier enhancement, single-tone and multi-tone uplink. The SFF board features an integrated Microcontroller (Microchip Atmel SAMD21), GNSS (uBlox EVA M8M for GPS (Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou support) and sensors including LSM303AGR digital magnetometer and accelerometer. Now boasting higher data rates at lower power consumption and at a cheaper price than previous models, SODAQ N3 is a market-leading choice for numerous low-power IoT applications.


MicrocontrollerMicrochip Atmel SAMD21, 32 bit Arm Cortex
CompatibilityArduino Compatible
Size50 mm x 25.4mm
Operating Voltage3.3V
I/O Pins14
Analog Output Pin10-bit DAC
Analog Input12-bit ADC
External InterruptsAvailable on all pins
DC Current per I/O pin7mA
Flash Memory256 KB
EEPROMUp to 16KB by emulation
Clock Speed48 MHz
Power5V USB Power and/or 3.7 LiPo battery
ChargingSolar charge controller, up to 500 mA charge current
NB-IoT Moduleu-blox SARA N310, NB-IoT bands 3, 5, 8, 20, 28.
GPSu-blox EVA M8M - Support for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou
SensorsLSM303AGR digital magnetometer and accelerometer
USBMicroUSB Port
AntennaU.FL PCB antenna

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