Real-time tracking of location, behavior, condition and grazing patterns of cattle.

  • GPS location of cattle
  • Instant notifications, jumping the fence, idle, grazing patterns
  • Supports LoRa networks
  • Wifx’s Lorix ONE outdoor gateway for connectivity
  • Durable scratch resistant Gorilla Glass cover

Never Lose Your Cattle Again

At SODAQ we are really proud of one project in particular – our collaboration with mOOvement. In 2017 at an internal start-up competition at the Rabobank, this original team of four that won had the aim of providing farmers with a service that meant they would never lose their cattle again. Pieter Vogels, head of sales at mOOvement, grew up as a farmer in Friesland and his team soon required the device they needed to track cattle remotely. After a market study, they selected SODAQ as the right company to develop this product.

Now, mOOvement is a subsidiary of Rabobank, and its primary market is Australia. This is because the pain of tracking cattle is greatest for Australian beef cattle farmers, as their land is some of the vastest in the world, and contrary to dairy cattle, beef cattle roam freely and don’t return to the barn on a daily basis.

mOOvement’s operations are split across northern and southern Australia, with the split lying on the latitude of Brisbane. In the north, farms are extensive, meaning there are more cows per farm but the farms can be as large as the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. In the south, farms are more intensive with more focus on the quality of the beef (Wagyu/Angus). As the cattle tracking solution is LoRa-based, the difference in farm size is also reflected in the number of LoRa gateways they require, as a farmer could need up to eight gateways in the north and usually one in the south.

LoRa allows for the transfer of data over long distances, around eight kilometers line of sight, which is especially useful in remote areas. For connectivity, Wifx’s Lorix ONE outdoor gateway is being used. For the backhaul, The Things Industries’ highly robust and low latency solution is used. The location and grazing patterns can be seen through an app developed by mOOvement, which can also send push notification in case the cattle are in an unusual location or shows odd behavior.

Is SODAQ EARTAG for you?

Visit the mOOvement website to learn more or make an order!

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