Feasibly manage your vast herds of free-range cattle with location intelligence

  • Minimum 3 year battery life and 2 weeks without recharge
  • Weather and wear resistant, tested on cows, horses, wildebeest and reindeer
  • GPS tracking using the u-blox Eva M8M module
  • LoRa enabled for 868 as well as 915 MHz
  • Power-efficient Atmel SAMD21 Microcontroller
  • 0.5W Solar Panel and 2200mAh Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Fully customisable with Arduino code
  • Sold with Lorix Gateway (optional)
Price €168,- (€203,28 Incl. tax)
Measuring Range5-50km
GPS Accuracy<30m
Operating Conditions-20 to +50 °C

Cattle Management Made Simple

The robust SODAQ CATTLE helps a herder, farmer, or ranger track the exact geographical location, behaviour, and well-being of any animal whenever they need it. One of the main issues that many cattle trackers have with other devices is the necessity of constantly charging the battery by manually plugging them into charging stations. Having to constantly monitor the battery level of the tracker and to check if it’s charging is extremely time-consuming.

To solve this problem, our autonomous cattle tracker has a 0.5W solar panel integrated into its design, which continuously harvests energy from the sunlight. Moreover, the tracker uses an integrated LiPo battery that holds the charge for longer periods of time and is guaranteed to charge whenever the solar panel is exposed to sunlight!

The durability of SODAQ CATTLE is extraordinary, as it allows for continuous tracking of a herd for over three years without having to interfere. Data can be collected at a variable interval and is sent to the cloud using a Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN). After compiling the source code and uploading it to the board, the owner will be able to configure the board through a menu.

With SODAQ CATTLE, anyone can now start tracking domestic as well as wild-life animals anywhere in the world whenever they need it. For communication, we have embedded a Microchip LoRa module, so the devices can connect either over a public network, such as Everynet or The Things Network or with a Lorix gateway serving as a fully private, autonomous solution.

Is SODAQ CATTLE for you?

Interested in learning more about our industry standard cattle tracker? Please get in touch using the Get in Touch button on the bottom right, send an email to sales@sodaq.com or give us a call at +31 30 300 0301.

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