World-leading Agro-company and SODAQ test container tracking through entire life cycle

For every manufacturer owning a full product delivery life cycle, the importance of the position and condition of packages and the goods inside them cannot be overestimated. There is a wide range of solutions aiming to solve this task with GPS tracking, different kinds of sensors, indoor positioning systems, and WMS solutions by different providers. All of them are focused on solving one problem, they work only either indoors or outdoors and are not integrated with each other or additional sensors.


On one hand integration itself can be a sophisticated problem that requires experienced developers and significant investment, on the other hand, some systems are not designed for integration. Bayer AG, as a leader in sustainable agriculture and seed production, also faced these challenges.
Having a successful history of innovative product development (Bayer Smart Label) Bayer AG contacted SODAQ to extend our collaboration with a container tracking solution. The solution should operate both indoors and outdoors, continuously monitor goods’ condition and support up to 5 years of tag lifetime without changing batteries or requiring any other maintenance. SODAQ Engineering was eager to take on the challenge.


SODAQ designed a tracker that benefits from LTE-M to exchange information between trackers and backend servers, Bluetooth 5.1 technology to realize indoor positioning and cellular networks which are responsible for fast container rescue if one is lost or stolen. Most of the calculations are realized in the cloud to reduce complexity and increase battery life.


All these technologies in one device make it a state of the art product. What really makes it unique is that the trackers can autonomously construct a 3D footprint of a storage facility for further visualization and improve the logistics process effectiveness. At any moment given you will always be able to know exactly where each container is.

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