Hardware Platform for Static IoT Applications

SODAQ BASE is the fixed base in which SODAQ sensor terminals can be deployed for performing measurements. BASE consists of a radiation shield, a sturdy attachment for pole or wall, an attachment for a solar panel and the necessary internal fittings to couple the AIR static, WATER static and other future sensors.

SODAQ BASE station

Sensor Protection

Static sensors are subject to multiple influences that can cause malfunctions. This can have a negative impact to the cost of ownership, if frequent trips to remote areas are required to make repairs.

SODAQ BASE has been developed to minimise the influence of solar radiation, protect the delicate sensors from excess debris, wind, rain, insects, birds and animals.

Antennas and Solar Panel

All of SODAQ’s devices are designed from the ground up to be low power, and feature robust connectivity using the most recent advances in IoT.

To facilitate this, the BASE allows for various solar panel sizes to be mounted, as required by the sensor device. It is designed to allow for multiple antennas to be used including GPS, LTE-M, Narrowband, NFC, Bluetooth and more.

Is SODAQ BASE for you?

This product is currently in development and not available for order. To learn more please get in touch using the Get in Touch button on the bottom right, send an email to sales@sodaq.com or give us a call at +31 30 300 0301.

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