Versatile and rugged air quality monitoring device. Use on the go or for stationary locations.

  • LTE-M, Narrowband IoT Connectivity with roaming capabilities
  • Measures pollutants including particulate matter PM 2.5, certified to comply with DIN EN 15267 for continuous air quality measuring
  • Indicative pollution values for PM1.0, PM4.0, PM10
  • Environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and road quality
  • Measurements every 10 seconds
  • Usable while riding a bike, on a scooter or walking
  • Installable as a stationary monitor with solar panel mount
  • LED indicator for live PM2.5 readings and battery life

Know Your Air


In the 21st century, air pollution is an increasingly growing problem, causing environmental damage and health issues. Air Quality today is measured through expensive static monitoring stations, resulting in a limited perspective on toxic pollutants in our environment. What if we could learn more about air quality, at any time, and there where it matters? How do we contribute to improving air quality at a price that allows for widespread deployment?

Take Action Against Pollution

The SODAQ Air Quality Monitor (AQM) is primarily a certified particulate matter (PM 2.5) sensor developed by SODAQ and the TU Delft. It first started as a proof of concept project in collaboration with the Utrecht Province to monitor air quality in local municipalities using volunteer biking enthusiasts that want to help gather environmental and road quality data.

Now it has been developed into an easy-to-use rugged portable or static monitoring station that measures PM2.5, temperature, humidity, shock, barometric pressure and has indicative values for PM1.0, PM4.0 and PM 10.

As soon as it is activated it gives immediate feedback of actual PM2.5 levels, and sends this data to our open dashboard, or a data gathering service of your choice. With a rising environmental concern of air pollution (World Health Organization), we believe in the interest to help combat this pollution.

Join a Community of Clean Air Advocates

The SODAQ AIR plays a collective role in raising awareness about the state of air pollution in individuals' direct environment. We have now added a dedicated click-in casing that also works as a solar-powered charging station that can be used to build your own stationary air-quality monitoring system. On top of this, the SODAQ AIR if attached to a bike, also has the ability to gather data about the quality of biking roads using an advanced accelerometer.

At the core of the SODAQ AIR's technology is our international LTE-M or Narrowband connectivity, which is similar to everyday mobile phones but made specifically for low-powered Internet of Things devices. Air is measured every ten seconds and the data is sent to the Data Platform every minute. Additionally to measuring particulate matter the SODAQ AIR also has sensors that measure: temperature, humidity, indoor air quality (IAC and b-VOC) and barometric pressure.

The latest version of the SODAQ AIR now shows real-time Particulate Matter readings using an LED Indicator. Lighting on the device changes colour depending on particulate concentration levels, truly communicating with the user. The SODAQ AIR is small, rechargeable, easy to use. It was designed to comply with IP34 standards, meaning it is splash-proof and dust-resistant.

Is SODAQ AIR for you?

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