SODAQ and Intellectual Property

Sodaq has been developing intellectual property (IP) since its early start. The IP has led to
the present and future capital of the company, it's the core value of Sodaq. All of our
products, services and solutions come from a mixture of these already developed solutions
and the accompanied expertise our employees have developed by continuously developing
new technology. Our strategy regarding our IP is that we fully own and maintain ownership
of all of our IP. We understand our customers need to protect their value and IP as well. For
that reason we offer our customers various kinds of licenses to make use of our IP. We
deliver licenses from exclusive to (non-)conditional, from perpetual to limited, sublicensable
to non-transferable, revocable to irrevocable. For each customer we can adapt our standard
licenses. With this approach we help our customer and ourselves to refrain from endless and
costly discussions on ideas, IP, patents and rights. And we maintain our company’s value
intact, i.e. our knowledge and expertise.

Ideas and Non-disclosure Agreements

Ideas are hardly ever original. Even subconsciously they have been collected by connecting
ideas, impressions, products, solutions and designs. By law, ideas cannot be patented nor
can they contain intellectual property rights. When customers approach us with ideas, we
can choose to come up with a new solution or product or a combination of earlier generated
IP. For this reason we usually do not sign NDAs when they only relate to ideas. And we
definitely do not sign NDAs containing monetary penalties. In case our customer reveals
information regarding patented or registered IP, we will of course sign an NDA.

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